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Queen room

1 bed in room

2 people in room

14.5 sqf

Splite AC

twin room

2 bed in room

2 people in room

14.5 sqf

Splite AC

4 bed dorm room

4 bed in room

4 people in room

15 sqf

Splite AC

6 bed dorm room

6 bed in room

6 people in room

21 sqf

Splite AC

  • enjoy silence in privacy

The quietude of the place coupled with our discreet room service would leave you to yourself in toto. You can be as private as possible!

  • in the best local

The quintessential locales of the Misty Mount is unbelievable. You can disappear into the woods in a no time, yet come back quickly.

  • staff at your disposal

In Misty Mount, our staff will appear mysteriously when you want them. The next moment you won’t find them! That is our room service!

Amenities of C1colombo

A budget friendly boutique Hotel in the heart of Colombo City focused on community & socializing with a state of the art self service pantry, casual lounge and breath taking view of the old and new facade – making the location unique. Wi-Fi & workspaces with a comfortable lobby that adds to the trimmings of – a home away from home….

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37, Mudalige Mawatha, Colombo, 

Sri Lanka

  • +94 112 389 695

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